Changing Color On Monochrome Images

Many monochrome images on Vectorportal are cleaned from debris created during the process of vectorization. Some are not though and the user can have a problem when changing color of the image. In perfect situation the monochrome image should be filled with only one colour (black in our example) and the user should be able to easily change color.

However, there are some images that consist of both black and white objects. In this case we need to delete white objects. Here is how to do it.

The image below is downloaded from Vectorportal > Stock Vectors > Monochrome

1. Choose Group Selection Tool (white arrow with +) and select any area of the image that is filled with white color.

2. Now go to Select > Same > Fill Color.

3. Click Delete.

4. Select whole image and go to Objects > Group.

5. Click on the image with Selection Tool and change color.