Over the years a large number of people have contributed to Vectorportal. Here we'll mention just a few most active contributors.


Robb has been a professional graphic and web designer for more than 10 years. He began drawing in Illustrator at the very start of his career and has not relented since. Robb's professional portfolio includes work on such national and international brands as Hasbro (Tonka, Star Wars, Sports Warriors) IBM, Brown & Williamson (Lucky Strike and Kool cigarettes), Intuit (Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax software), Procter & Gamble (Gain detergent, Swiffer, Ariel detergent, Fixodent) Heinz (catsup bottles), Hanes clothing and many others. He currently is employed at Libby Perzyk and Kathman in Cincinnati, Ohio. Robb has a variety of freelance clients as well including the University of Cincinnati, Midwest Consortium of Hazardous Waste Workers Training, Resource Development Designs and Music CD covers for SkaZen and Snaggletooth just to name a few. Robb can be contacted through e-mail: or through his website @


Randy got himself interested in paint design back when he was 18, where he painted in a shop. He then pursued graphic design by going back to school in 1997 and graduated from IVY Tech in 2000 where he was the top of his class in Visual Communication. Right out of school he started his own company, Professional Image Sign & Design, where he started doing logo design out of his home. Two years later he opened his own store front and started supplying his customers with graphic design, signage, screen printing, printed and promotional items. His company is continually growing and working with a wide variety of customers and businesses. Randy and his team are currently working on an online shop to reach the world.

In his spare time he still loves to design on his computer, he vectorizes and color separates for a couple of screen printing shops and does artwork for a patch maker. To him creating on the computer is a hobby and that is what helps his business grow, because he never turns down a challenge. He currently uses Corel Draw 10, Illustrator & Photoshop the most, but is currently teaching himself Dreamweaver.

Randy can be contacted through e-mail: or through his website:


I have gone to school for graphic design and I have been doing design work for about the past six years. Currently, I am a graphic designer for a screen printing company. I am a huge sports fan and I enjoy vectorizing sports logos for fun of it. My favorites to work on would have to be MLB baseball, NHL hockey and NFL football but would have no problem doing any other logos. The programs I am most comfortable working with would be Illustrator and Flexi Sign. I am more than happy to help anyone out with a logo. I can be reached by e-mail address


Riki is the webmaster of He is the main creative force behind majority of artwork published on


Phuck Stic is moderator of Vectorportal Forum.


Josh Rodgers used to be very active moderator of Vectorportal Forum. After moving to a new job, Josh did not have too much time left for other activities. We miss his insightful posts and great organizational skills.


Igor is young and talented illustrator. His specialty is face expressions, animals, cartoons and caricatures.