Vectorportal Changed Hosting Provider!

If you asked me just a few months ago what is the most reliable hosting company in the world I would say without hesitation EasyCgi. Just few weeks ago you couldn´t find a single bad review about this company. They promised 99.9% up-time and Vectorportal, for the last 3.5 years, was living proof that it worked. As a matter of fact, I cannot recall when VP was down before September this year.

Then all of the sudden, for God knows what reason, wonderful, perfectly working company decides to change things. I have always admired companies that wanted to change things when they are working just fine. Why companies do that is beyond me, but I know that some of them failed, even dissapeared from the market, after they made transition from good to bad. This is exactly what EasyCgi did. There are rumours they have merged with another company, that they were bought up by someone else or that they simply upgraded their platform. Nobody knows for sure, but it's not that important anymore.

All I know is that a result of their dreadful decision is this, this and this. Hundreds of terrible reviews, furious customers and reputation destroyed. As someone mentioned in one of these reviews: "This could be the fastest downfall of a hosting company since the beginning of the Internet". It certainly could be. We will see...

Vectorportal was hit hard by the migration of data EasyCgi performed in October. Databases (the heart of VP) did not work, wrong paths were entered and IIS settings were changed. It seemed like there was no end to the list of problems almost any EasyCgi customer experienced. Then we decided to move. And moving site with several thousand files and gigabytes of data is a daunting task. Not to mention that finding reliable Windows Hosting Provider proved to be much harder than we initially hoped it will be.

Anyway, we have finally moved all the data and set up the site. Everything seems to be working and all files seem to be in their place. If anyone experiences any problems, please report it to webmaster (at)