High Quality Clipart And Fonts!

After Designious, Vectorvault and Vectorstock, Vectorportal users just got a taste of another great collection of high quality vector clipart coming from Clipartandfonts.com. We uploaded first installment yesterday but expect much more to come in the next few days as we present little bit of everything from dozens of vector collections offered on this site.

Animals, dragons, flames. girls, signs...you name it. It's all there in 68 clipart collections sold as stand alone packs or bundled in vector mega-packs for a really good price. For example, 10 vector collections is on sale now for $149.99. Each collection contains several hundred vector files which means that you get thousands of files for this price.

There is also big collection of fonts on sale right now. Example - 4.000 fonts for $14.99 or 2000 fonts for $9.99.

Make Offer and Auction Features

If this is still too expensive for your wallet you can use Make Offer Feature where you offer the price you are ready to pay for these collections. If you are lucky, you just might get a very good deal.

Another feature is Auction of Bundle Collections that starts and ends each Monday. This is another way to get a great deal.

All in all, Clipartandfonts.com is well worth visiting. Vectorportal will publish huge collection of vector files from this site, so you can judge for yourself.

All these files will be published under our Creative Commons Attribution License just like all other files are in our Stock Vectors section.