New Look of Vectorportal

Vectorportal has a new look, folks. After days of planning and designing, new, redesigned VP is here. What's new then:

- image preview is now 150x150 px instead of 100x100 px (files from old VP will still show in old size, but new files will be shown in 150x150 px size)
- there is possibility to add even bigger image preview to all categories (this is implemented in Templates section for example and will be used for images that are difficult to preview with 150x150 px image like CD labels and banners)
- 2 RSS feeds are added: Bittbox and Vectorials. I am a big fan of Bittbox and IMHO it's the best graphic design resource on the Web right now.
- overall reduction in number of include files - the site is much easier to maintain now
- much better SEO capability

If you have any suggestions or constructive comments about the site I'll be glad to hear your opinion.